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Learning Well Journal Spring Issue 2023


*LIMITED STOCK* Learning Well Journal: Spring 2023

This issue is designed around resourcefulness and Luke 16:10.

You’ll find articles on:

🌷 What we can learn from Caroline Ingalls
🌷 a sweet spring project with @brit.anne.white
🌷 A look at the Great Depression and how we can be resourceful in our modern world
🌷 Meaningful Easter traditions
🌷 Resourceful + Intelligent meal planning
🌷 DIY Spring cleaning products
🌷 How to homeschool on a budget
🌷 Some fun spring book picks
🌷 breaking the cycle of worry
🌷 Tons of fun ideas to do with your kids
🌷 delicious meals on a budget
🌷 How to plan a father/son backpacking trip
🌷 AND a look at how to shop secondhand!

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