Nature Kids Course: Winter Edition


Studying nature with your kids is one of Charlotte Mason's biggest lessons. Being outdoors, learning together, watching the beauty of the earth--these are things we all want in our homeschool. Lets get out into nature during the hardest months to do so--winter--and learn all the amazing things there are to learn from the quiet and calm happening around us.

What this course covers:
- Birds in the winter
- Winter weather
- Snow and ice
- Animal Hibernation
- Maple Sugaring
- Nature poetry
- Art projects from nature
- Tips on nature journaling
- Making a photography book of your own nature photos
- How to study nature when you can't go outdoors
- Creating a winter nature table

Studying nature is one of my favorite things to do with my kids in our homeschool. We love to watch the birds on our feeders outside and the leaves changing colors out our windows. But as the temperatures drop it becomes harder and harder to become inspired in our nature study. But there are so many amazing things happening in nature during the wintertime.

- Animals scurrying around looking for food or burying deep below the surface of the ground to sleep the winter away.
- Birds adapting to the colder months, showing their vivid colors against the stark, white background.
- Snowflakes falling with their intricate designs.
- The trees resting for the winter, getting ready to share their goods when the weather warms again.

No matter where you live, winter visits in one way or another. In this course, you'll receive five lessons:

1. Winter Birds
2. Weather during wintertime
3. Trees in Winter
4. Animal Hibernation and Winter Survival
5. Maple Sugaring

In each lesson, we'll cover different aspects of each topic, a project or creative art, books to read, poems to recite and copy, and nature journal prompts. We'll create our own nature journal where we'll log our nature walks, draw pictures, and record our findings. We'll also copy beautiful poems into our nature journals.

We'll also create things with our hands from things found in nature. Each nature walk will take on new meaning when we starting seeing nature in a more artful way. While on nature walks, we'll talk about taking photos of what we find in nature and what we can do with our photos later.

This course is for

- homeschool families that love nature
- homeschool families that want to love nature more
- those that love creating and projects
- children ages Kindergarten-6th grade (approximately)

In each lesson you'll receive a lesson plan with nature walk information, book recommendations, project ideas, and more. Course also includes several helpful bonus project videos.