Simply Summer: 75 Ways to Celebrate the Simplest Season of the Year


This summer PDF guidebook includes:

- Tips for planning your summer fun activities

- Summer Bucket List ideas

- Lists for each month of summer, full of ideas to do with your kids

- Simple ways you can learning + play with your kids this summer

- Tons of recipes and project tutorials

- Book lists for each month of summer

- Stories from friends and family about their summer memories

- Simple ways you can connect with your kids more this season

- Tips on summer road trips

- Specific travel guide to see our favorite author's home

- Tips on how to set up a good family rhythm in summer

- Tons of ideas on how to learn with your kids without it feeling like "school"

You want to create all those amazing summertime memories with your kids, but don't have any extra time.

You want to drink down every bit of summer, but life seems to get away from us before we can make a plan, gather the books, or fill the water balloons.

This summer is going to be different.

Simply Summer is a guide book designed for the parent who wants to make this summer be one full of memories, but doesn't want to spend hours on Pinterest. You'll be the parent waking up in the morning, flipping open her guide book to the "June Book List" and heading to the library knowing what she's doing to make little moments count with her kids that day.

Simply Summer is a guide book, not a check list, for the parent looking to spend a little more time on the deck this summer. A little more time getting her hands dirty with her kids.

Simple Summer will show you how to:

- make the perfect Plum Galette to accompany On the Banks of Plum Creek

- create a Sidewalk Chalk Art Show for the whole neighborhood

- whip up a Watermelon Mint Slush that will attract the kids in droves

- plan an amazing road trip

- set up a smart Summer Station that will save your sanity

- teach your kids with some sneaky summer learning tactics

- and so much more!

This guide book can be printed and bound at your local office store or accessed from your computer or smart device.

Happy Summer, friend!



"From simple recipes, to great book suggestions, Simply Summer provides easy, low cost ideas for making fun summer memories. If you're looking for ways to create a beautiful family culture that your kids will look forward to each year, Alicia provides more than you'll need for many summers to come." -Annie S.

"This book made me smile...and yearn for watermelon, s'mores, and lazy summer afternoons. The book lists are a treasure! If you're looking for an inspiring summer read that will benefit the whole family and make memories for years to come, this one's for you!" -Cait C.

"I will always desire to be intentional with my summer and then BAM it's over! This guide book is simple, beautiful and straightforward. You can flip it open and quickly have a great idea for the day, a way to connect with your family through book lists, recipes and activities for young or old. I love the 'summer stations' sections to set us up for organized success and can't wait to attempt a 'mud kitchen!' Bless you, Alicia for arranging this masterpiece!" -Karyn S.